The Methodist Hospital System Logos

Logos for The Methodist Hospital System, all hospitals, the TMH Research Institute and the centers of excellence are available online. The following logos are available online for download:
The Methodist Hospital System
The Methodist Hospital
Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Methodist West Houston Hospital
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

Centers of Excellence
Methodist Bone & Joint Center
Methodist Cancer Center
Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center
Methodist Diabetes & Metabolism Institute
Methodist J.C. Walter Transplant Center
Methodist Neurological Institute

Tagline – Leading Medicine

United Methodist Church logo (cross and flame) and guidelines

Methodist logos must never be created by departments, programs or other entities — the Marketing Department must provide all logos.

Below is a list of some of the other logos available. Please contact the Marketing Department to request a copy.

Methodist Breast Imaging Center
Methodist Emergency Care Center
The Methodist Hospital Foundation
TMH Physician Organization and its entities
Methodist Imaging Center
Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education
Methodist International
Methodist Physicians’ Alliance for Quality

Logo Styles:

Logos come in various style. The most commonly used style is the six-prong, horizontal logo.

Available styles

  • Six-prong horizontal
  • Six-prong stacked
  • Four-prong horizontal
  • Four-prong stacked

About four-prong logos
Methodist has a logo for use on special materials such as embroidery, fabric and foil stamping. It may also be used for TV and video. This logo uses a four-prong banner graphic to allow for easier visual recognition.

Six-prong, horizontal logo
4-prong, stacked logo







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